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If at least one item in the gradebook is set to be invisible, students might not be able to see the calculated course totals. They will see the grades for all visible items but not the course totals. This can be changed by going to the gradebook and choosing the 'settings' tab. In the 'User […]

The problem editing certain Moodle pages with FireFox 11 (described in a previous post) has now been resolved.

Our consortial partners have identified a problem where the latest version of FireFox (11) does not readily allow a user to edit more than one rich-text area on a single page. They have also found a short-term workaround and a long-term solution for the problem. Problem description: On a page with more than one rich-text […]

We have recently discovered that many Moodle courses created for spring 2012 do not have a Course Documents folder in their Files area. You will see a link to the Course Documents on the main page for the course, but if you go to Administration > Files, the folder will not show up there. Fortunately, […]

Many instructors like the Q and A forum; it allows students to read one another's contributions only after they have made their own submission. Instructors should be aware, however, that this behavior can interact counterproductively with the option to allow anonymous posting. An anonymous post will not unlock the forum for the poster. Students must […]

When you log into our Moodle (perhaps via your portfolio), you start a browser 'session.' During the 'session' you can move around in Moodle without having to log in repeatedly. For the most part sessions are invisible to users, something between the browser and the server. And that's how it should be. We recently made […]

It has recently come to our attention that recurring events in the Moodle calendar exhibited an unexpected behavior as we moved into Daylight Savings Time: the time for all events has shifted to be one hour later. The odd behavior should affect only recurring events that were created before the time change and that extend […]

Attachments to Moodle Quickmail will fail silently if they exceed limitations on the recipient's account. In practice, you should avoid attachments over 25MB. To share files of that magnitude or larger, upload them to some other part of the Moodle course or to WesFiles and send your recipient a link to download the file.

If your grades aren't adding up the way you expect them to, consider the possibility that some of them are inadvertently designated as extra credit. To check this, go to your course grade report and click on the Categories and items tab, and then on Full view. You'll be able to see at a glance […]

When you turn editing on while looking at a gradebook page you will see a number of controls including an "eye" icon that will toggle the visibility of various items. A closed eye indicates a hidden item. Clicking the icon should change it from open to closed and back. We have seen already that there […]

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