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As the semester kicks off, remember that your course may not yet be available to students. You can change the course availability in Moodle 1 or Moodle 2 by following the "Settings" link on your main course page. The "Availability" section is about three quarters of the way down the page. Just change the setting […]

As the first day of fall classes draws near, many faculty will be opening their Moodle courses to their students, so this is just a friendly reminder that you'll find the availability setting for a given course by going through the Administration panel (usually on the left) to Settings > Availability. Change the drop-down in […]

If at least one item in the gradebook is set to be invisible, students might not be able to see the calculated course totals. They will see the grades for all visible items but not the course totals. This can be changed by going to the gradebook and choosing the 'settings' tab. In the 'User […]

Using the lesson activity module

The lesson activity (available from the 'Add an activity...' menu), allows instructors to create lessons based on a series of questions. These questions can be organized in sequence or in branches or clusters to reflect different answers chosen by the students. This is a powerful and adaptable tool which could be used to either prepare […]

By default new Moodle courses are unavailable to students. To make a course available an instructor can go to Course Administration > Settings and change the availability preference (near the bottom of the page), then save the change. Below is a demonstration of this process at:

Many instructors like the Q and A forum; it allows students to read one another's contributions only after they have made their own submission. Instructors should be aware, however, that this behavior can interact counterproductively with the option to allow anonymous posting. An anonymous post will not unlock the forum for the poster. Students must […]

Too much email?

Moodle forums can send email to participants whenever there is a new post. Sometimes you want that; sometimes you don't. Here are a couple ways that teachers and students can influence whether or not emails will be sent. Teachers can force, encourage, allow, or prevent email subscriptions on a given forum by changing the value […]

Just two quick reminders for instructors at the start of the semester. To make your course available to students, please follow the demonstration or written instructions at: http://moodle.blogs.wesleyan.edu/how-to/change-course-availability/ Our scheduled downtime is from 6:15 to 6:45 every Tuesday morning.

Instructors who want to test assignments, quizzes, or the gradebook from a student perspective can add themselves as a student to their own course. Just follow the instructions on adding an auditor and choose yourself. (Make sure to assign yourself to the "student" role and not to the "guest" role.) Whenever you want to experience […]