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As the semester kicks off, remember that your course may not yet be available to students. You can change the course availability in Moodle 1 or Moodle 2 by following the "Settings" link on your main course page. The "Availability" section is about three quarters of the way down the page. Just change the setting […]

During fall 2012 we have been running a small Moodle 2 pilot while most of the campus continues to use Moodle 1. During spring 2013 we will continue to run Moodle 1 and Moodle 2 side by side, but we will be opening the Moodle 2 pilot to all interested faculty. There are many reasons […]

As the first day of fall classes draws near, many faculty will be opening their Moodle courses to their students, so this is just a friendly reminder that you'll find the availability setting for a given course by going through the Administration panel (usually on the left) to Settings > Availability. Change the drop-down in […]

Taking advantage of lower usage during the summer we have brought our Moodles (both 1.9 and 2.3) up to the latest. The changes are minor, so we don't anticipate complications, but please let us know if you find anything unusual.