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When you log into our Moodle (perhaps via your portfolio), you start a browser 'session.' During the 'session' you can move around in Moodle without having to log in repeatedly. For the most part sessions are invisible to users, something between the browser and the server. And that's how it should be. We recently made […]

What’s new?

We upgraded Moodle this past Saturday morning. For the most part the changes are minor, but there are at least two differences you may want to take note of. The procedure for uploading files to a course has gotten easier. You will now see an "upload" dialog directly on every screen in your course file […]

We made two improvements to our Moodle installation this morning: Flash cards We added a "Flash card" module. To use the module instructors can turn editing on for a course page and then choose "Flash Card Set" from the add-an-activity drop-down menu. Please get in touch with your Academic Computing Manager for additional assistance. Enhanced […]

Adding files to our Moodle courses has gotten much easier. See a demo of the more efficient procedure at: http://moodle.blogs.wesleyan.edu/moodle-in-fifteen/minute-2-add-a-syllabus/

You may already have noticed a change that we have made to our Moodle dashboard: The list of your courses in the upper left is now organized so that your current courses are displayed separately from the others and prominently at the top of the list. We hope this change will help you more easily […]

All of our Moodle courses are created with guest access disabled. In addition we had been hiding the guest access button on the login screen. Now that we have had a better chance to test it, we have made the guest access button visible so that instructors can offer guest access comparable to what we […]

Our Moodle forums now include options for anonymous posting. On the settings page for any forum you will find an option labeled "Anonymize posts?" You can choose to forbid, allow, or force anonymous posting. If the forum allows email subscriptions, the emails will also be sent anonymously. If you have any questions, please contact your […]

As everyone gets down to serious course work, we have been working hard to make Moodle better and friendlier. Our server admin has tuned the system to help Moodle run faster We have overcome a limitation on assignments that made it difficult in certain circumstances for instructors to post files in response to student submissions […]