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One of the most common uses of Moodle is to share PDF files. When a user clicks on a PDF file link, Moodle sometimes tries to open its own PDF reader within the user's web browser. Unfortunately that approach causes problems for a number of users. In order to improve that experience we have changed […]

Gradebooks with a lot of students (rows) and a lot of items (columns) can be very slow to load, especially after you turn editing on. We are exploring adjustments to our systems, but to some extent the problem is endemic to Moodle. Fortunately there are some end-user practices that can somewhat alleviate the pain. Depending […]

Attachments to Moodle Quickmail will fail silently if they exceed limitations on the recipient's account. In practice, you should avoid attachments over 25MB. To share files of that magnitude or larger, upload them to some other part of the Moodle course or to WesFiles and send your recipient a link to download the file.

If you have opened your course to guest access without a key, you can give your guests a link that will bypass the sign-on screens and take them directly into the course. Go to the main course page and copy the URL from your browser's address window Add the following string to the end of […]

If clicking a link to a file results in an error that "the requested file could not be found" consider that you may have moved the file after creating the link. You can rectify the situation either by (1) restoring the file to its previous location or by (2) editing the link to point to […]

Moodle generates detailed reports on course usage. You can view reports, customize the report parameters and download reports by following the "Reports" link in your course's "Administration" bucket. If the report is large, you will have best results if you download it as a (comma separated) text file. Very large files in Excel format fail. […]

In an earlier post I described how to turn on guest access to your Moodle course. When you turn guest access on, you have the option of allowing all guests or only those with an enrollment key. The "key" is a password that you create and then share only with the guests you want to […]

When grading items for calculation by the Moodle gradebook, it is best to use numeric values. (If you are not using the gradebook to calculate course totals, you do not have to worry about this advice.) Many activities in Moodle can be associated with a grade: assignments, quizzes, and forums, for instance. Each graded assignment […]

Hide gradebook totals

As an instructor you may sometimes want to hide your gradebook's "course total" from students even as you let them see their grades for individual assignments. If you try to hide the course total from the "Categories and Items" screen you will hide all of their grades. You can accomplish what you want to by […]

Discussions and forums

A number of instructors have understandably been treating the "introduction" field on the forum creation page as a first question for the forum. The problem is that students end up creating new discussions in order to respond. Their multiple discussions are then threaded separately, which makes it hard to read them together. To get the […]

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